raffaella goes to washington...


Reminiscing about my Mexico trip got me thinking about some of the other big vacations I've been lucky enough to go on in the past year. Hard to believe it's almost been a year since my spring break adventure in Washington and New York. I'd love to go back, but for now the best I can do is revisit the photos.

Washington was an incredible place to photograph. The brutalist architecture of the Metro was so impressive in person. I just could not get enough of the vaulted ceilings. But it wasn't just the Metro that caught my eye. It seemed that every which way I turned in Washington there was something to photograph whether it be the one of the many monuments, the cherry blossoms, the Smithsonian, the White House grounds, even the President.

Amazing Metro Station ceilings

man versus beast
Photo opportunities at every angle

love to death
Christopher loves Washington

The Smithsonian... Space and Elephants!

capitol ceiling
tour guide
Touring of the Capitol Building

the holy trinity
The Boys run into the President.

the south lawn
Wouldn't be a trip to D.C. without a visit to the White House & a photo of the Washington monument.

While we spent most of our time around the National Mall we did find ourselves at a few different spots, like the famed Ben's chili bowl, a bustling restaurant and bar on Dupont Circle and a little book shop that had gained a little notoriety during the during the Lewinsky scandal.
Ben's Chili Bowl Ben's Chili Bowl - the aftermath

Our five days in Washington also included a visit with a dear flickr friend and a trip to Arlington cemetery. It's also possible that there might have been a brief stop at Target to see what Liberty of London products might be for sale. Mostly window shopping however, since the real shopping was planned for our next destination. Luckily we were only a short train ride away.

Union Station
the train from washington to new york
 Next stop, New York City.