in opposition of a head cold


Winter continues and so does my winter knitting. Toques and hats have been my project of choice, because they are quick (finished after only a couple evenings of knitting) and they are great for stash busting.

I began the new year knitting a toque for the gentleman and another bobbly one that I hoped would be for me, but even after some vigorous wet blocking it was still a little too short to wear on days where it is really cold. It will be gifted to someone with a smaller head.


But of course I couldn't stop there. I knit two more in this bulky dark grey yarn (one with more bobbles for me and another disappearing rib pattern for the gentleman).

cat burglar

Next I made a sweet little mohair beret for the gentleman's mom and then quickly moved on to another two projects, one a similar beret but in a silky yarn and then a larger version of the bobbles and cable pattern using the remaining mohair.

valentine's duo

The problem with stash busting of course is when you just run just short of the yarn you're trying to get rid of before you can finish your project. I'm just about to start the pattern decreases on the cabled and bobbled mohair toque and I don't think I'll make it. So it will be back to the yarn store to get some more. 
All these knitting photos have clogged up my flickr photostream. Eventually I'll get around to posting photos and writing about things that are unrelated to my pursuit of the dark domestic arts.