the dark domestic pursuits


2010 has been a pretty unproductive year of knitting so far. This lack of knitting productivity has a lot to do with the fact that settling in to the new apartment has taken much longer than I would have anticipated. Most of the boxes and bins have found some sort of permanent home and in a couple weeks those boxes that don't will. I am eager to find a more better place to store my knitting and sewing projects. Part of the reason why I haven't felt inclined to knit, is that I don't really know where half of my yarn stash is... My sewing machine is somewhere in the storage room and isn't easily accessible. I've been working on one project for the past few months and haven't made much progress at all.

forever in-progress

Sure I've been accomplishing lots of other things in the meantime, but I miss making things. As the summer progresses I will find more time to knit, finishing off this lengthwise scarf (which I'm currently finding really annoying to knit) before moving on to other projects.

three things I haven't been doing enough of...

In addition to the few knitting projects leftover from last year, I have a pile of dresses that I've been meaning to mend (broken zippers and such) and alterations to finish, like this skirt that I fashioned from a dress that I now have to shorten.


And then of course there is my container herb garden. Sarah bought me this set of basil seeds that I need to get germinating. Alessandra is growing chives and thyme up on her balcony that I will eventually steal from. And next Saturday I plan to buy a mint seedling.


It will be a little garden party.