a bit of lemon zest


I'm going out to a summer ladies tea tomorrow and in addition to the sandwiches I will be making, tonight I prepared a batch of pink lemonade to take along too.

The recipe itself was pretty simple. Slice up some lemons, add some sugar, pound the hell out of the lemons to release the juice so it will mix with the sugar to create the base syrup, then add water. I used some organic sugarcane and also a bit of brown sugar (not the type you bake with), which made the syrup kind of gross looking, so I decided to make pink lemonade and added some raspberries. I also had some mint from the farmer's market, so that was included in the mix as well.

the lemons lemonade extras
lemonade base
pink lemonade
pink lemonade pink lemonade
pink lemonade

I had a few lemons leftover so I made up a batch of just regular lemonade at the end. It's chilling in the fridge along with the rest of the pitchers, ready to be served up as a nice cold refreshment on a hot summer day. I certainly hope this lemonade is as delicious as it looks.

lemonade, the regular kind