time to spare


I haven't posted anything in ages. I've been busy I guess, because suddenly it's November and it's almost been a month since my last post. I feel a bit like an absentee friend, excusing my behaviour saying, "well, I was always meaning to write..."

I really have been preoccupied though, mostly with work. I haven't even taken that many photos other than some that I took with my iPhone. Knitting has even been low on the priority list. Only very recently have I picked up the needles again, spurred on by a request from Sarah to knit a Steve Zissou cap for Dexter's first Halloween.

Dexter Zissou

I finished up Dexter's little toque over a few evenings and when it was done I was feeling a bit lost without an easy project to work on. So I dug into my stash and began to knit a simple rib scarf out of this lovely green wool/silk blend that I picked up at the yarn shop in Parkallen last year. It's the type of knitting project that I don't have to pay attention to. Last night while hanging out with Sarah, Baby D and gang, I knit while standing and listening to an impromptu cabaret performance by a visiting guest. The week previous I took it to a weekend meeting with some colleagues where we were talking about open data. If only I could knit during meetings at work then I would get my projects finished so quickly.

needle exchange

Of course I still have this sweater to finish. To use the knitter's lingo, this project has been hibernating since I started work in September. The pattern calls for a hood, but I'm thinking of just knitting a regular sweater collar. However, that requires me to modify the pattern and I'm not feeling all that ambitious at the moment. I'll get to it eventually. It gets dark so early these days and I need to finish this project before I can start another sweater.

sir knits-a-lot

And those are my boring knitting chronicles. I needed to post something though to break the spell of silence.


  1. I dig your knitting a lot. Obviously, for my own selfish reasons!