tee dot


city hall embrace... © Raffaella Loro

I have just realized that I forgot Wade's monopod at home. Good thing I am renting a fast lens for this evening. It's almost one o'clock here and Aryn is still in the process of waking up. He's had a busy week preparing for Edmonton's Ride Share week (carpool.ca, look it up) and needs his rest now so that he will be able to last the evening strolling around the various exhibits/installations tonight. We'll probably head out soon, leave our friend's third storey walkup on Yonge, visit the camera shop to pick up my lens and pick up a few camera related items (perhaps maybe a new eyecup to replace the one I lost at the film festival the other night) and look for some cheap toques and gloves because it is rather chilly here and we both forgot to grab those particular items from the box marked inclement weather wear on our way out the door. What were we thinking? We weren't.

The first time I visited Toronto I didn't much appreciate it. I wasn't feeling very good at the time (which is sort of like now, I feel a cold coming on), and I was overwhelmed by the size of the buildings and the amount of people. Mind you I hadn't spent much time in cities at that point and the only part I visited happened to be an extremely busy stretch in front of three downtown hospitals and then a new apartment complex that seemed very unfriendly. I will admit that my outlook has changed greatly in these past ten years, especially after A. and I visited Toronto last year and explored many of the different communities within the city's core. I like the city because of it's mix of old and new. Edmonton has a completely different aesthetic. I like Toronto's row houses, the mix of crumbly old brick buildings with steel towers. There are real layers here. One thing though, I don't have any desire to drive here (but I don't really have that desire in Edmonton either).

Oh, I think the white bear is about to come out of hibernation now. Now to take to the streets.