linear escalation


watching paint dry © Raffaella Loro

Ahh, half an hour of time just for me. Well I did have half an hour, but I ate lunch at my desk and was interrupted and had to get back to work on a time sensitive document.

Yesterday afternoon I was ready to crack. I had been editing a document all morning and I had got to the point where I couldn't think of making any more changes. So I went for a walk around the block. I was out for about two songs on my ipod (so six minutes), but even that brief break provided enough relief to get me through the day.

Spending all day inside, looking away from the windows, I seldom get to see the activity on the street during the day. I liked being able to go for a short stroll, smiling at the elderly fellow who was out for what I can only assume was his daily constitutional. There were students on their way home from class, and the assorted other citizens running into Shoppers Drug Mart for a quick errand. I don't get to experience any of this from my cube. Although, if I turn my head I can see the sky.

Mood is considerably improved today. My self prescribed dose of art therapy did the trick I think. My photo team and I are busy planning our next session.