working towards something more interesting...


pull up a chair... © Raffaella Loro

I'm trying not to censor myself... as I've started several posts in the past few months that have gone nowhere. I got caught up in trying to make sure that I was writing interesting things, but I don't exactly have an audience for these things so I really shouldn't care.

I'm a bit frustrated since I've recently taken on some new responsibilities in my life but without any external compensation. I feel a bit under acknowledge for the initiative I'm taking, but I don't feel like really forcing people to take notice. At least not at the moment. Personally, I'd rather be concentrating on my photography, which I do not get enough time to do nor do I take enough time to do. I read a lot of design blogs and I often find myself caught up in the romantic notion of how wonderful it would be more actively involved in that world... either as a graphic or interior designer or architectural photographer. These things don't happen all on their own of course and I'm trying very hard to figure out what I can do in order to involve myself more in these creative fields. I have family coming to visit over the next two weeks so perhaps this will be a good time to experiment with some unwilling models.