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No excuses, no complaints...

Aryn and I attended a friend's wedding on the weekend where I got to play dual role as guest and photographer. It was a lot of fun, despite the intense heat (which ended up getting me in the end). The ceremony took place at the Riverdale Community Hall, a picturesque part of the city that I had never been to before. Although I continue to cling to the dream that Aryn and I will one day be able to move back to BC, whenever I come across an area in Edmonton that I find appealing I make a mental note that this is an area that I wouldn't mind living in. After reading an RBC Economics report today that said that in order to afford to live in Vancouver you must spend 70% of your taxable income on living expenses and live off the remaining 30%, I'm starting to think more and more that my vision of a coastal future is well beyond my reach.

But I'm not without hope... things change with time and for now I need to concentrate on the present. I spent the majority of Sunday working on edits from the various weddings I've shot recently. Aryn busied himself with different projects around the condo, installing the remaining kitchen cabinetry and the dishwasher (just in time for our guests who will be arriving shortly).

More photos to come as I continue on this publicly productive streak.