chained to my chair...


Walking to work this morning, tightly bundled up in my coat, scarf and toque, I thought to myself... it's not that cold outside. I can put up with a winter like this, it's only temporary after all. But that made me think even more... How often does the state of temporary turn into something more permanent? I currently work in a job that I don't mind most of the time, but also a job that I usually don't see myself doing in the next 10 years. When I got my job I was excited about the prospect of having a job, having that regular pay cheque that would pay for my rent and all the other bits and bobs that I could come up with to spend my money on. This morning I really don't like this feeling of temporary. I would like to feel more attachment to what I'm doing. I spend my days at work telling people to look for work that is meaningful for them, but at the same time balance out their other responsibilities. It pains me to have to say that we would all like to work in jobs that were personally rewarding, but sometimes it's just not possible in the short term. I always encourage people to apply for positions that could be considered their dream job, although not everyone knows what that type of job would be. I know what I want to do though... and it certainly isn't what I spend my days doing. It's interesting that I work in a position where I am employed to help other people find employment. To some degree I work with people to assess their skills and their career goals... I try to find realistic ways that they can pursue work that will not only allow them to survive financial but also make them happy. As I sat in a professional development session last week my mind was churning with possible business strategies and potential prospects that I could pursue with my photography. While sitting in that cold ballroom I told myself that there would be no more putting things off... photography work wasn't just going to fall into my lap. In order to get noticed I would need to take more photographs... something that I haven't been doing as much as I should.


  1. your conscience1/13/2007 8:26 AM

    you should quit your job and pursue photography full time - it will be terrifying and exciting at the same time. isn't that what life should be like?