baby steps towards development of my career...


Robson Square... © Raffaella Loro

Second week of my new job, quite tired as I've been slowly readjusting my body to these early mornings. But that's really nothing new and exciting. I'm enjoying my new position, it's similar to work I've done in the past and it's a positive work environment. Having a job now fills me with a great sense of relief. It's frustrating not to be getting a regular pay cheque to pay all those bills that seem to be forever arriving in the mailbox.

This morning seemed to be the first official day of fall. I sensed that it was coming yesterday as there was a chill in the air when I walked home. Today as I strolled through the rain with my flimsy umbrella that was ready to snap as soon as a strong wind came along. Luckily for me though, the walk to work is quick and painless with relatively no traffic. I work on the edge of downtown by the Legislature, near the river. It'll be really pleasant in the summer as I'll be able to eat my lunch outside, watching the steady stream of traffic going across the High Level Bridge. Of course my office has no view of all this... I look out into the hall and listen to the sounds of construction going on below me in the parking garage.

I feel so domestic right now... the bohemian in me is temporarily dead.