the tale of the twisted glute...


hot hot heat... © Raffaella Loro

In an effort to escape the recent heat wave that has hit the city of Edmonton, I recently spent 12+ hours in the backseat of a Jeep Rubicon in the lotus position trying to achieve inner peace. Instead I ended up with a temporarily twisted glute (the minimus) and a rather cranky disposition.

I have since recovered from both.

My coastal adventure has now moved into the second chapter, where I hop between cities and go mad in preparation of the two weddings that I will be shooting in the next coming weeks. The anticipation of having two such major events coming up is making me feel a little stressed out, which is why I considered in part staying Edmonton rather than going on this little vacation. However, I'm glad that I came (aside from having to endure a broken bum) because I've fallen back in love with the beautiful city of Victoria. It's a close rival to my other favourite city, Vancouver where I'll be for the next couple days (more photography). It feels good to be back in BC... which sounds ridiculous because I've only been living in Alberta for a few weeks now. I do like Edmonton, but to me it's only a temporary city and I don't get the same feeling when I'm there as I do when I'm in either of the V cities. However, Edmonton is my home now and I'm trying to make the best of it. When I return in a couple weeks I'll have less idle time on my hands with any combination of photo editing, school and work.

oh the joy!