critic's corner


I have watched a string of good movies at the local cinema lately. This could just be good luck or I have been more selective in my cinematic experiences. Some recent gems, the last Harry Potter film, Rent, Walk the Line, and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. Speaking of Narnia... it had been years since I read the book (which I enjoyed as a child). I never went on to read the other books in the series as I moved on to read A Wrinkle in Time (which would be a nice addition to my book collection come to think of it) and I enjoyed that book a little more (perhaps foreshadowing to my like of dystopian themed novels).

Nevertheless, I was looking forward to seeing the adaption of The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe... and I must say that I wasn't disappointed. Although a little long (those damn theatre seats are only so comfortable and I couldn't sit cross legged and the fellow to my right (please think before you get offended: my right) was ripe with a foul stench of stale beer and cigarette smoke) the film was quite charming. As we left the theatre, my platonic shadow (read Generation X) mentioned to me that he appreciated how the film was not as dark as recent literary adaptations (such as LOTR or HPGOF... don't know why that last acronym didn't become more popular). I was inclined to agree with my chum. TCONTLWATW more or less avoided the contrasty blue tones that Peter Jackson and other director who shallnot be named tended to overuse. TCONTLWATW was much brighter in colour (perhaps because it was a Disney movie)... and I must say the battle scenes were pretty clean. Some have criticized the film for this, but I for one wanted something a little more lighthearted. The child actors in the film were excellent, especially the little girl who played Lucy. I enjoy seeing a film where I am not choking back on my own vomit because of the over the top performances. I was happy and I left the theatre with a general feeling of contentment and very little to criticize. And for anyone who knows me that's saying a lot.