tonight in concert...


October 15th I wrote...

How exciting... and yet how pathetic...

This evening I will attend my first real concert. I am shamed to admit that I have never really gone to a concert before... not outside of the fort anyhow.

Tonight... Sarah Harmer (and Josh Ritter) at the McPherson Playhouse.

Today... October 16th I write:

In short... the concert was excellent. Although our seats were very much in the nosebleed section of the McPherson Playhouse... thanks to the steep pitch of the balcony (good thing I do not experience vertigo frequently) Sarah H. and the band were not just mere specs off in the distance. I could still make out some facial features but not enough that I had the typical live performance experience where I play with my vision and continually switch the level of intensity of my sight focus (that probably does not make any sense but faulty eyesight is difficult to explain... just think about using the manual focus ring on an SLR and you might be able to understand what I am talking about).

This pic is from Miss H's website... These are the performers in very similar attire to yesterday's performance. Or at least so it would appear. They look like they are wearing the same clothes... especially the dude in the western shirt.

Miss Harmer and the band rocked out most of her songs... but she still stayed true to her melodies (or so claims my brother the music critic). Overall it was a very enjoyable musical experience. Very fitting for my first real concert. When I first lived in vic city Miss H. was in heavy rotation on my personalized streaming audio that was musicmatch jukebox on the ol DELL latitude. Now, several years later, what could be better than Sarah Harmer (w/ guests) concerts to celebrate the long anticipated return to this lovely island town? The music critic sibling had a few other comments... the keyboards were too quiet, sometimes the various other instruments were too loud. Nevertheless, he also enjoyed the concert.

I took a few short video clips of the performance... but I am not a skilled html hack so I am obviously not attempting to post them on the blog. I don't really know if what I did was allowed or not... but what can I do with these clips... they only last about 20 seconds at the most and they are pretty junky since I was so high up in the upper balcony and I didn't see what I was recording all the time because I was trying to hide the glow of the LCD screen with my hand. I narrowly escaped a scolding from the balding usher... during one of my clandestine recordings he started up the stairs and stopped just short of my row. Thank the lord almighty that my camera is tiny and I was able to conceal it under my leg.

Now... just to clarify... this was my first real concert... but I have been to other musical performances in the past. Among other things I saw Johnny Action Figure (at least I think that was their name) at St. Ann's Academy a few years back... I saw GreenLaw Avenue
at Steamers in their last N. American perfomance before going to tour Europe ... I've seen the various professional choral groups... I've seen touring Opera performers... I've been to various professional musical productions... and I once performed with Canadian Icon Fred Penner. And by performed with Fred Penner... I mean I was actually on stage with the the man (along with the rest of the choir that I belonged to). We shared the Green Room with him. So I am not so uncultured after all.... After all, I've rubbed elbows with a real Canadian celebrity.


  1. Hey there Fella darling!! Glad to hear you have finally taken in the greatness of a concert. I really don't understand though....I mean, Fort St. John has AMAZING concerts ALL THE TIME!! *oh the sarcasm* Until next time.