All Some of the things you were dying to know about me.

  1. I live in Edmonton, Alberta with my charming husband.  
  2. I'm half Italian, a quarter Trinidadian and a quarter Chinese.
  3. I have seven siblings (four brothers and three sisters). We all have beautiful Italian names.
  4. I'm a photographer, but lately I haven't been taking very many photos over than with my iPhone (see below). 
  5. I don't hate selfies (see above). 
  6. I started knitting when I was 19 and now I frequently bore people with tales of how soothing and meditative it is.
  7. I recently took up gardening - but so far I do not find it soothing or meditative.
  8. I am terrible at keeping up with email correspondence. 
  9. I get a lot of migraines.
  10. When I travel I always carry a pair of compression socks.