dust of snow


So it would seem that spring, summer and autumn all passed and I was too preoccupied (amongst other things, I had a few trips here and there and yes, I got married about a month ago) to bother to post anything to my blog. Now winter has arrived again and I'm readjusting to the snow and cold.

Another snowy scene from this morning.

Winter is not my favourite of the seasons and typically I don't weather it well. But so far I haven't been feeling quite as dreary as I usually do. It helped that when the snow first arrived a few weeks ago the majority of it fell overnight. Like so many others I got caught up with how pretty my neighbourhood looked under a blanket of white. I find myself really loving the look of the city during the wintertime. 

Really digging the snow today. #wintercity The third of a series of this park bench #latergram #wintercity Same bench at night #wintercity

This newfound affection for winter reminded me a Robert Frost poem.
 The way a crow
 Shook down on me
 The dust of snow
 From a hemlock tree
 Has given my heart
 A change of mood
 And saved some part
 Of a day I had rued. 
View from my morning stroll across the High Level #wintercity