nothing tastes as good as elm cafe


I have a bad habit of skipping meals when I get distracted and sometimes I look at the clock at it's three o'clock before I realize that I haven't eaten lunch. To prevent that I try to be a bit stricter with myself about sticking to specific mealtimes. At the office people go for lunch at different times and it's so easy to just keep on working on a project until the end of the day. I'm a little bit better when I work from home, but I still appreciate the reminders I get from my favourite eatery in the city. When I wake up in the morning I see the daily selection of fresh muffins and breakfast sandwiches and a little while later I'm tempted with their lunchtime offerings. It's a bit easier to pop in when I'm working from home, since technically I'm in the neighbourhood and it's a short walk and even shorter bike ride.

A couple weeks ago I was drawn in by the promise of zebra tomatoes. I was visiting Elm alone that day and thought I would just grab and sandwich and run back to the home office to complete whatever task I was midway completing. But the sun was out so I decided to enjoy a solo luncheon on Victoria Promenade. I felt the event worthy of video documentation and I awkwardly held my camera with one had while stealing bites with the other. I would recommend not trying to eat and shoot video at the same time. It results in situations, such as you'll see below, where your sandwich wrapper will fly off in the wind and the concerned citizen in you will overpower your inner cinematographer and force you to chase after said wrapper instead of capturing it as it gracefully floated away. And besides, I'm not sure if the awkward first-person shooter perspective is really a great technique. Alas, I was too hungry to make a big production out of my lunch that day.

Only a small production...