post-holiday debrief


This Christmastime was not as photographically fruitful as past Christmases have been. Despite my camera being at the ready, I generally found my hands occupied with knitting or snacks. My camera couldn't quite compete (that or I'd bring along my camera to a party and then realize that I did not bring a memory card). The only thing I seemed to be able to photograph with any regularity was my knitting projects, but even those I did not get a complete record of (there's at least one project missing from the collection of photos below).

However, I think my time was well spent. I succeeded in making quite a few of my holiday gifts for family and friends and even managed to make myself a new toque to replace one of my favourites that I misplaced almost a year ago. Having spent the majority of my autumn overly preoccupied with work, it was satisfying to spend some quiet time with my needles. The projects were all small and most (save for the cream coloured one with the buttoned band) took me only a couple nights each to accomplish.

I'm a little bit disappointed in myself that I took so few photos over Christmas. I managed just a few decent frames over the entire holidays.

the christmas cam
guess who ruined Christmas?

However, now that the Christmas knitting is over, I suspect that I'll make up for my photographic lull. I've recently acquired some new gear that will assist me with my photographic endeavours. I have a beautiful new camera bag/purse and the gentleman spoiled me with the Roma camera insert to use with the rest of my non-camera handbags. I also have a new steadicam to learn how to use properly. It's an embarrassment of camera riches.

A new camera bag may seem like a fairly trivial thing to get excited about, but I've long been searching for an everyday solution to carrying around my camera that does not look like a camera bag, but still provides my equipment with the appropriate protection. Too long have I somewhat haphazardly tossed my camera and lenses in a bag, wrapped up in a scarf to protect it from scratches and bumps. Now I have a lovely bag that is designed specifically to carry cameras and lenses with other compartments for those other miscellaneous purse items. Just wonderful.

new camera bag

Now I can carry just one bag with me. Most of the time that is... there are still those days when I'll need to cart a laptop with me. For those occasions I'm debating whether or not to save up for the Union Street, the messenger bag style by Ona.

Carrying a camera with you everywhere (the coveted purse camera) allows for unexpected photo opportunities. Like when the gentleman and I were mislaid in the suburbs after dropping my sister off at the airport and we stumbled upon this horrid house for sale. Christopher proceeded to spend the next few days telling people that we had bought a new house and then would show them this photo and wait for their reaction.


Then, just this weekend we arrived early for the matinee and found the theatre nearly empty save for one lone patron begging to be photographed with his newspaper. I could not turn down the opportunity and was so thankful to have my SLR with me to capture it. My iPhone could not have photographed this low light scene.

As always I'm looking forward to another year of photographic adventures. I made a pummelvision video a few weeks ago and I was sort of stunned with how full my life looked. It was a nice way to end 2010, appreciating the time I've spent with family and friends both at home and during travel. I'm sure the next year will offer just as many opportunities.

I hope the same for you all. Happy New Year!