in mourning


One of my backup external hard drives crashed and I lost two years worth of photo archives. I've attempted one option of data recovery but have had no success. It's not the end of the world, but it makes me a little bit sad to think of all the photos that are just gone now. I have copies of some of the files, some are backed up on flickr, some are on DVD, some are stored on other drives... but nothing close to the amount that are just gone.

But here's to the photos that have disappeared. Photos of trips to other cities, photos of my old apartment, photos of crazy photo excursions and those random moments when I decided it was the right opportunity to take a picture.

We're going to try to take the drive to a data recovery service, but I'm pretty sure everything is just gone. Even though a tiny bit of me hopes that we might recover some of the data, I'm trying to bid them farewell.

Here's a retrospective from 2009, January-December. The photos of 2010 are just a little too fresh for me to tearfully recognize that they're gone.

urban branches only because they wouldn't wait rest, relaxation, recession
arm rest 

breaking the fast 
taking a moment to contemplate... 
the venetian tan 
please hold for an important business call the race
perpetuating the rural myth