six days in seven minutes


My younger sister and I have just returned from a six day trip to San Francisco. There was a bit of a crazy seat sale when I first came back from my spring break trip to Washington and New York and the younger sister and I decided that we should plan a sisters trip (well, a fifty percent sisters trip since my two older sisters were unable to attend).

It was a busy six days and the Alessandra and I had a great time exploring the different neighbourhoods of the city. Our schedule went more or less like this... we woke up, took our turns getting ready, then headed out the door of the hotel, sometimes stopping for a danish at a nearby cafe and then we would walk to our neighbourhood of choice. We would check out the sights for a bit, then grab lunch (great recommendations of where to eat from my friends Tom and Lisa, as well as one of my coworkers). Then we would wander around some more, grab dinner and then head back to the hotel to recoup for the next day. Seems sort of tame but when you take into account that we averaged around 15km of walking a day (with a fair amount of San Francisco hills thrown in more good measure) we definitely needed time to rejuvenate our tired soles. We went out a couple nights, but mostly I used the downtime to download and edit some of the photos and video I shot during the day. Which meant I actually posted daily photo updates from our explorations. Which of course means that I'm sort of on top my vacation photos for once. And to top it all off, I've even edited my vacation video.

six days... seven minutes. Enjoy.

sisters in san francisco