the shoe dilemma


the shoe dilemma © Raffaella Loro

This is a duplicate post from my photostream. I've only been posting about really heady stuff recently (wait till the next post, it's a brain twister) and I decided that it's about time for a little frivolity.

A.M. Radio thinks I have a lot of shoes. I don't - at least not in comparison to some (I'm thinking of a certain past coworker who was addicted to buying shoes online). I certainly don't have expensive shoes. It's very difficult to find cute shoes for my ski-like feet. Depending on the manufacturer I can just sqeeze into a size 10, but often fitting into that size 10 would mean that I can't walk more than a few blocks without causing undue harm to my ankles and rubbing them raw. I've spent enough time whimpering about blisters to know now to leave those shoes that 'just' fit on the shelf. I also find it really difficult to find shoes that I like that I can afford. Unlike A. who has two pairs of shoes (one black and one brown) and therefore is able to buy more expensive pairs - I would like a selection of shoes of varying styles and colours, but I don't have the budget to support that dream. So, pair that with my struggle to find shoes that I like and that are in my size, I also have the additional budgetary constraint. These basic flats I bought at Payless. They're cute (check out that pintuck detail!) but won't last for very long because they're as cheaply made as they were to buy. Why can't we get shoes custom made anymore?

So what's a girl to do? Live with only a few basic pairs of shoes? I have two pairs of flats that I bought last year that I've basically worn to death. I don't like replacing shoes every year. I don't care if they only cost $40. It seems wasteful to me. I need a footwear overhaul. Any suggestions of where I can find stylish and comfortable shoes for big feet that are made of quality materials and go with an assortment of pants, skirts and dresses? When I say comfortable I mean shoes that will allow me to walk fast and not require that I slow down (for example I have one pair of heels that I risk death in every time I wear them because I'm always trying to walk as fast as I normally do). I want shoes that make my feet appear delicate rather than clunky (part of the reason why I hate sneakers/running shoes). I prefer classy over sporty... and shoes that can work in both formal and casual situations. I think this will be a lifelong challenge for me. Anyone want to be my personal shoe shopper?


  1. My first suggestion is to browse Winners on a regular basis. The quality of the goods they receive has improved dramatically over the past few years - they used to get mostly crappy shoes, now it's mostly brands like Nine West, Guess, Steve Madden, BCBGirls, Liz Claiborne, etc (and runners like Circa, Vans, Puma, etc). The other day I found a $350 pair of Kate Spade pumps on the clearance pile for $35.

    Of course, it's sort of like thrifting... I find something I like about every fourth visit. But there's one near my work so I just wander over once a month or so.

  2. I wish the Winners near my office had better shoe selection. I've found some gems in the past at other stores but this one always serves to disappoint. I will try again though.