in my sister's shoes...


My sister is staying with me for a month until she gets occupancy of her new apartment. It's been nice having her around because I've been able to borrow from her wardrobe. Unlike one of my other sisters, despite my being the most sturdy and rubenesque of all the Loro girls, she doesn't complain that my curvaceous figure will stretch out her clothes. Considering the amount of lycra and other materials with such elastic properties I am not that worried either. A good launder and her shirts will snap back to fit her serpentine figure. Shoes on the other hand are another matter. My feet are what my mother would describe as those belonging to Cinderella's stepsisters... and of all the girls my feet are the longest. I borrowed a pair of flats from my sister, but wisely decided to carry them to work and allow my finger-like toes the ability to breathe rather than assume a bunion inducing curled up position inside the shoes. If only my office had a more flexible footwear policy then I might wear my flip flops freely and not have to endure the struggle of carting office appropriate footwear to and from work. Some shoes are made for walking you see, and others are made for sitting. Boring stuff I know... pointless musings... but what else do you expect from me?