team effort


the red short diaries... © Raffaella Loro

After several design drafts, lengthy discussions about workspace geometry and kitchen function Aryn and I have finally succeeded in the plan and purchase of our new kitchen. The process was a little stressful, especially considering the issues we faced throughout the initial planning stages. Here is a brief overview of the development of our kitchen.

1. Measurements of the condo were tossed into AutoCAD and numerous design magazines (favourites include: dwell, LivingEtc, Inside Out) were reviewed and bookmarked. All of our ideas were thrown into the fighting pit and we came up with something that we liked. Like so many others, our kitchen design needed to be functional as well as pretty to look at, since it's open to the rest of the loft.

2.First stumbling block, the kitchen design that was the best use of the space was not going to be possible because of a countertop/windowsill discrepancy of two inches. We had no choice but to return to the drawing board.

3. Cabinet selection - the first doors we chose ( a lovely and cost effective black/brown oak veneer slab) turned out to be "currently unavailable" with no word on when they would be available again. The alternative cabinet doors (an even more beautiful black/brown stained solid cherry slab) were astronomically expensive, even when we came up with a design with almost no overhead cabinets. Again, back to the drawing board.

4. Final design & Cabinet Selection - we spent Sunday morning revising our kitchen plan (what seemed like the 10th or 11th time), this time creating a stylish European look, with a wall of cabinets in a very mod looking black tempered glass door with aluminum trim flanking either side of our appliances (basic stainless steel that came with purchase of the loft). We'll be able to incorporate tons of overhead storage that will be useful for some of the seasonal items that we need to store away in addition to our kitchen items. Our new design will also include some cool lit shelving by the window for miscellaneous glassware and dishes. A stainless steel island with pot storage below will complete the kitchen. Total price for the kitchen (we'll install the cabinets ourselves) including countertop (professional installation) was well below what we were quoted at Home Depot. We're happy.

The team is happy.

There are plenty of decisions left to be made, but that will all have to wait until the installation of the kitchen and countertop.