only up from here...


balcony view... © Raffaella Loro

I am told that the Winter Solstice will occur twenty two minutes into the morning on the 22nd of December. This is a momentous occasion for me because I have been struggling with the ever shortening days of winter. It's a bit premature of me to be thinking about spring and summer when Christmas is only a few days away, but I can't help but think about the beautiful sun and how I used to try to avoid it. Everything in moderation though. I need some sun. I spend all day working in a windowless office which is currently more dimly lit than usual because I have been working from the ambient glow of the string of coloured Christmas lights given to me by my office Secret Santa (who also generously gave me a coloured slinky and Transformer). When I walk home in two hours the sun will already be gone, but at least I can rest assured that there will be a few minutes more of sunlight everyday after the solstice.

and that concludes today's "coffee" break.